We'd like your opinion! Please take a moment to choose the specifications for your ideal guitar amplifier. Thank you - jk

What is your favorite style of amp?
Tweed Combo Blackface Combo Bluesbreaker Combo 1-12 Combo 2-10 Combo 1-15 Combo 4-10 Combo Plexi Head All Tube Lunchbox
What maximum output power?(Choose only one)
Under 10 Watts 10 Watts 15 Watts 22 Watts 36 Watts 50 Watts 100 Watts
What pricepoint niche would the amp be designed to fit? (Choose only one)
Made in China $1000 $1000-$2000 $2000-$3000 Over $3000
What brand/model of speaker is your favorite?
What features would the amp have? (choose all that apply)
Reverb Active Effects Loop Transformer Coupled Effects Loop Channel Switching Gain Boost Footswitch Compressor Vibrato Master Volume Power Attenuator Doesn't matter as long as it gets great tone
Any comments, suggestions, or ideas?